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General FAQ

My vehicle has been towed, where and how do I go about getting it back?

You will have to wait at least three days for paper work to be processed, however you can contact Martin's Towing at 734-283-8003 or Boulevard and Trumbull (B&T) at 313-202-1700 to find out cost the cost to have your vehicle returned.  If your vehicle was taken for prostitution you must contact the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office to speak with someone at 313-224-5777. Questions can also be answered at 313-833-3190.


I want to report a drug house, who should I talk to?

Contact the tip hotline at 313-833-3190 or e-mail Police Operations Deputy Chief, Dennis Richardson at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Who should I call to see if I have a warrant for my arrest?

Contact Warrant Bureau at 313-297-5258.


I need a background check?

Contact Road Patrol at 734-721-2222.


How do I go about getting my CCW?

Contact Road Patrol at 734-721-2222 or the Wayne County Clerk’s Office at 313-224-5565.


I need to register as a Sex Offender, what is the process?

Contact the precinct that you live in or call the Michigan State Police Registry at 1-866-761-7678.


What is the number to the Michigan State Police Department?

(313) 237-2440.


What is the number to the 36th District Court?

(313) 965-2200.


I’m calling to find out if Sheriff Napoleon can attend an event?

Fax or mail to us all details of the event with the attention to Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon; Mailing Address: 4747 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI 48201; Fax Number is: 313-224-2367.


I’m calling regarding verifying employment of someone who works for Wayne County/Wayne County Sheriff’s Office who can I speak with?

Contact Wayne County Personnel at 313-224-5901 or our Wayne County Sheriff’s Personnel at 313-224-2706/2707.


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