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Road Patrol FAQ

What is the cost of an accident report?

Cost of Accident Report $10.00 and for each additional page $2.00.


What time does Hines Park / County Parks close?

One hour after sunset.


Can you Park on the shoulder of Hines Drive?

No parking unless posted as allowed.


Why can't I have blue headlights?

White is the only color allowed and yellow and white is the only color allowed for fog lamps. (Michigan Motor Vehicle Code).


What is the proper tint for the front windows on a motor vehicle?

Tint allowed only 4" from top of driver/passenger front windows.


The title say's "scooter" why can't I register it as a moped?

Even though the title say's scooter, if the motor is over 49cc, you must register as motor is over 49cc, you must register as a motorcycle and must have proper license.


Can I ride this scooter or moped on the sidewalk?

No motor vehicles are allowed, even electric mopeds and scooters are prohibited.


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