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Judge Greg Mathis encourages Division III inmates to complete their educations to improve their opportunities for the future and avoid returning to jail.

The Enrichment Program for Institutionalized Children (EPIC) and Wayne County Community College (GED) (WCCC-D) has been serving the Dickerson Facility for the past twenty-six (26) years.  The program has provided provided Division III with instructional outreach services through certified and highly quality teachers.  Their mission is to ensure that individuals seeking to complete their high school education or obtain their GEDs possess the skills to do so.  Last year, Epic-along with WCCCD-helped more than 170 clients achieve their goals.  Their mission is to ensure the educational services to clients who desire to return to their local high schools for completion of their high school diplomas or to prepare them to enter adult education programs in pursuit of a General Education Degree. Older inmates are eligible for WCCC-D classes.  In this last year alone, EPIC along with WCCC-D has serviced over 170 clients.