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Special Diets

CBM currently provides special medical diets to the inmates. Upon request from the Wayne County Medical Staff, CBM will provide meals that are acceptable for a Calorie Controlled Diet, Sodium Restricted Diet, Renal Diet, Mechanical Ground Diet, Puree Diet, and Clear/Full Liquid Diets.  In association with our Registered Dietitian, our menus are reviewed annually for calorie compliance and MDOC regulations.

Therapeutic diets, shall be available as necessary for medical and care.  Special diets available upon written orders from the physician, food service provides the appropriate caloric intake for the prisoner.  The University of Michigan Manual of Nutrition and Diet Therapy will be used as a guide for filling request from the medical department.  Food Service employees monitors daily to insure all special diets are fulfilled.

Food service is required to provide three meals a day.  The ACA standards require that meals be served hot at regular times, with no more than 14 hours between each meal.  The staff monitors the meal temperatures that are delivered to the floors.