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Mental Health Services

The Wayne County Jail Mental Health Program offers a continuum of psychiatric services for more than 35,000 inmates passing through the jail system annually.  The daily mental health population served is approximately 400, with 150 inmates treated on the special housing units and 250 general population inmates seen as outpatients.  The Mental Health Program is staffed with psychiatric, psychological social work and nursing professionals. 

The Mental Health Program is staffed with psychiatry, psychology, social work and nursing professionals.  Wayne County Jail inmates are offered a full array of medical and mental health services during their incarceration.  Additional clinical services available to mental health consumers include: health care screening, urgent medical care, chronic disease clinics, dental, ambulatory orthopedic consultation, radiology, and laboratory services.  We believe that the Wayne County Jail Mental Health Program is a best practice model within Michigan’s correctional mental health system.  
The jails are provided services by the following social service agencies: Catholic Social Services of Wayne County On-Site Treatment for Sex Offenders Probationers; Matrix Human Services Case Differenal Division (CDU); Chance For Life (CFL); U.S. Justice Department/Congressional Second Chance Act; Peoples Community Services; Educational Training Research Services and Veteran's Administration.