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Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit…

“Professional Training and a Whole Lot More”

Welcome to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit web site.  Sheriff Benny N. Napoleon and his dedicated staff are fully committed to the delivery of the highest level of professional training.  The Sheriff believes that the core ingredient to a successful law enforcement agency is ongoing training, and that one of the byproducts of this training is to ensure that the public is provided quality service while being treated with dignity and respect.  Towards these ends, the Sheriff’s Training Unit is tasked with the responsibility of developing and implementing relevant and effective training, utilizing both classroom and on-line instruction.  The Training Unit’s mission is “To provide relevant and effective training in response to the needs of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office”

Thanks to the longstanding partnership between the Sheriff’s Office and Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD), the Training Unit is housed inside the WCCCD Downriver Campus, located at 21000 Northline Road, Taylor, Michigan.  This unique collaboration between Sheriff Napoleon and WCCCD Chancellor Dr. Curtis Ivery continues to reap benefits for the residents of Wayne County, including: the substantial savings resulting from the sharing of resources, enhanced public safety, ready accessibility of the site (close to I-75, I-94, Telegraph Road US-24), and the college atmosphere conducive to the learning experience.         

The Training Unit is currently comprised of four full time-officers, one part-time civilian volunteer, and numerous in-house certified instructors.  This dedicated team of professionals is responsible for the pre-service and in-service training/retraining of over 1000 sworn and non-sworn personnel, including the highly respected Wayne County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputy force.  The Training Unit also offers specialized and advanced training for other agencies as well as members of the general public, including the highly popular Concealed Pistol License (CPL) classes. 
The ultimate goal of the Training Unit is to provide training that…

Ensures the highest level of professional law enforcement services
Promotes public safety
Improves job performance and proficiency
Promotes organizational goals and objectives
Meets or exceeds all applicable local, state and federal guidelines, including those set by the Michigan Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Council Standards (MCOLES) and Michigan Sheriff’s Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC)

The wide range of training offered includes: live fire and simulated firearms training, defensive tactics, use of force, legal updates, interpersonal communications, CPR and First Aid, Cultural Diversity, Human Relations, Ethics, Homeland Security, and Defensive Driving Tactics.

Now let’s meet the members of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Training Unit… 

Hi. My name is Larry Hall and I am a proud member of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office who has served the public since 1974.  I am a life-long resident of the City of Southgate, Michigan where I retired as the Chief of Police after 29 years service. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice from Michigan State, a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice from Wayne State University, and a Juris Doctor Degree from Wayne State Law School. I have served as an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice for over 30 years and I coach girl's fast pitch softball. My wife of 34 years, Suzanne and I are the proud parents of two children – a daughter who is completing her Physician's Assistant program at the University of Toledo Medical Center, and a son who is attending George Washington Law School in Washington, D.C.

As the Training Director, it is my privilege and honor to work for Sheriff Napoleon, whose uncompromising stand for the highest level of education and training is the benchmark that guides the Training Unit. I am very fortunate to part of the Training Unit team, a group of hardworking, dedicated, decent individuals whom I regard more as family than as coworkers. Even after more than 35 years of service, I consider it a blessing to work with such a "diverse and decent group of professionals who share a common vision and commitment to both the members of the Sheriff's Office and the public."

  Training Director, Deputy Chief Larry Hall

CombsHi. My name is Jim Combs and I am a proud member of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office who also served in the U.S. Army where I was honorably discharged.  My wife of 25 years and I are the proud parents of five children and 13 beautiful grandchildren.

As a Master Trainer with the Sheriff's Office, I instruct a wide range of disciplines to the sworn, non-sworn, and civilian employees, as well as members of the general public, including: use of force, firearms, tactics, impact weapons, pepper spray, weapon retention and disarming, defensive driving tactics, CPR/1st Aid, CPL classes, hunter safety, gun safety for the family, rape and crime victimization prevention. My motto has always been to "give something back to the community".

  Master Trainer, Jim Combs

BentonHi! My name is Becky Benton and I am a proud member of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office who has served the public for over 20 years.  I am a lifelong resident of Wayne County, and the proud mother of an honor roll student

As the Master Range Officer my top priority is the "protection of the officers and the public."  I am responsible for the management of the gun range, including the firearm's simulator that places officers in realistic "Shoot-Don't Shoot" situations. The mission for the Range is to provide the safest and highest quality of training in the safe handling, proficient application and justifiable use of all approved firearms, including: Basic, Advanced, and Tactical Handgun Skills, Plain-Clothes Operation Handgun Skills, Low-Light Shooting Skills, Basic, Advanced, and Tactical Shotgun Skills, Basic, Advanced and Tactical Patrol Rifle Skills. All sworn deputies are required to qualify on the range annually and to retrain as needed.

  Master Range Officer, Corporal Rebecca Benton

OutlawHi! My name is Doug Outlaw and I am the newest member of the Training Unit. I have been a proud member of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office since 1999, during which time I have served in a variety of assignments, including:  Registery, Mental Health, Academy Instructor, Floor Security and the Courts. In addition to my police experience, I served 20-years in the Michigan Army National Guard. I am a lifelong resident of Wayne County, and my wife and I are the proud parents of two children.

I am certified as an armorer and qualified to teach a wide range of topics, including: use of force, firearms, tactics, impact weapons, pepper spray, weapon retention and disarming, defensive driving tactics, CPR/1st Aid, Concealed Pistol License classes to the public, hunter safety, and gun safety for the family. Public service is my passion and my goal has always been to "do it right on time and do it right every time."

  Instructor, Deputy Douglas Outlaw

StriegnitzHi. My name is Ted Striegnitz and I am a proud member of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, where I have volunteered my services since 2006.  My home is actually in Colorado, where my parents own a car dealership; however, "my heart and soul are definitely in Wayne County."

I regularly commute from Colorado to Michigan, and when I do I routinely volunteer 20 or more hours weekly to the Sheriff's Office. You might say I trade the mountains of Colorado for the mountains of work I am assigned. I can honestly say that I have always been treated with the utmost respect and am given substantial amounts of responsibility. I am very grateful for having been given the opportunity to be part of this great team and appreciate the trust and confidence that has been place in me.  "The chance to contribute to the overall training effort of the Sheriff's Office makes every mile of the commute worthwhile.".

  Civilian Volunteer, Ted Striegnitz