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Sheriff’s FOC Felony Non Support (FNS) Warrant Unit

The Friend of the Court Felony Non-Support Warrant (FNS) unit is a partnership between the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.  The unit was created for the purposes of enforcing cases that meet the criteria of a felony under state law.  The unit is compromised of 1 sergeant, and 3 deputies.
A Complainant (Custodial parent) files a complaint with the prosecutor’s office.  The Prosecutor’s Case initiation unit makes an evaluation.  If the evidence meets the necessary standards, the case is referred to the Sheriff’s Felony Non-Support Unit Supervisor.  The Sheriff’s Supervisor prepares the warrant for the Non-Custodial Parent (NCP).  The warrant is entered into the state-wide law enforcement database and is assigned to a Sheriff’s FNS team for investigation, file preparation and warrant execution by deputies.  The charge listed on the warrant is, “Felony for Family Offenses”.  Once the (NCP) is arrested, he/she is processed at the Wayne County Jail and scheduled for video arraignment on the charge.  Bond is set by a magistrate at 36th District Court and the case is bound over to 3rd Judicial Circuit Court at Frank Murphy Hall of Justice.
The Special Prosecutors assigned to the FNS case load (Comprised of three prosecutors) request full payment of the arrears on the case or probation for the purposes of supervision to monitor regular payments as ordered by the court.  When a court date is missed or an order by the court is disregarded, a “Failure to Appear” or “Violation of Probation” warrant is issued by the court and the case is referred back to the Sheriff’s Enforcement Unit for further investigation and re-arrest.

Since inception (2001), The Felony Non-Support Unit has recovered $45,229,375.00 for Complainants.  Another $48,163,902.00 is the total money to date that the courts have ordered NCPs to pay during their probationary period.  This program is successful because of the unit’s dedication and belief that they are making a difference in a child’s future. 
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