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Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave., Room 1711 Detroit, MI

The Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit provides personal service of official court papers, summons and complaints, requests and court orders and Personal Protection Orders (PPO’s) to persons involved in civil litigation.  Other duties performed by the Sheriff’s Civil Process Unit include the facilitation and service of personal notices of mortgage foreclosures, tax sales and the execution of evictions.

General Office Mailing Location:
Coleman A. Young Municipal Center
2 Woodward Ave., Room 1711 Detroit, MI
Fax:  313.224.2433

Forms & Documents

Bench Warrant Apprehension Worksheet

Bidding Rules For Mortgage Sales

Civil Bench Warrant Procedure

Force Language

Freedom of Information Request Form

Judicial Sale Procedure

Mileage Fees

Request & Order to Seize Property

Frequently Asked Questions...

Where do I go for a PPO?

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (formerly known as City County Building), 2 Woodward Ave., Room 926, Detroit, MI  48226.

Where/When/Time of the Mortgage Foreclosure Sale?

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave., 13th Floor Auditorium, Thursdays at 11:00 a.m.  For more information call (313) 224-2260.

Where is the Wayne County Sheriff's Office Court Services office located?

Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, 2 Woodward Ave., Room 1711, Detroit, MI  48226.

Where can I obtain a list of the Mortgage Foreclosure Sale?

Sales are published in the Detroit Legal News.

Who can I speak to regarding the foreclosure of my home and sale date?

Contact your mortgage company for specific details of the foreclosure.

How can I obtain a copy of my Wayne County Sheriff's Deed?

Wayne County Sheriff's Deeds are available for purchase through the Wayne County Register of Deeds Office.

What is the redemption period if my home is sold at the Sheriff's Mortgage Foreclosure Sale?

The average redemption period is typically six months though time frames may vary.

After the redemption period has passed, when do I have to move?

You will want to consult with the new owner of the property listed on the Sheriff’s Deed.

Does the Wayne County Sheriff's Office handle the eviction?

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office does not handle the eviction.  Evictions are handled through the district courts where the property is located.

How much did my house sale for?

The sale price of the property should be available at the Wayne County Register of Deeds Office at least 25 days after the sale is held.

Who should I contact if my home was sold for Foreclosure of Taxes?

Contact the Wayne County Treasurer at (313) 224-5990.

What is the cost for serving papers?

Costs for service are set by statute and prices vary depending on what is required.  Please contact (313) 224-2260 for an accurate quote of fees.

How many attempts will the officer make to serve the papers?

The officer makes 3 attempts to the address provided.

Will I receive documentation if the documents were served or not?

Proof of Service will be mailed to you, and if the officer was unable to serve the papers, paperwork will be returned to you explaining why.

Will I receive a refund if the officer is unable to serve the paperwork?

Once the officer makes an attempt to serve the paperwork, no money is refunded; for additional questions or concerns, you may contact the office at (313) 224-2260.

What is the cost of service a Bench Warrant?

A deposit of $150.00 is required.  If the actual costs amount to less, a refund of the difference will be issued.

How many attempts will the officer(s) make to serve the Bench Warrant?

It varies.  Please contact the office at (313) 224-2260 for further information.

What should I do if my PPO has been violated?

Call 9-1-1 immediately if there is an emergency.  You will also want to contact the Wayne County Clerks Office at (313) 224-6293 to file a Motion.

What are your office hours?

8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Is there a fee for service?

Yes, the State of Michigan establishes the fee schedule.  In addition, there is a mileage fee of $1.73 per mile for each civil paper served.

What are the service fees?

A copy of the fees for service can be obtained in the Civil Process Office located at Coleman A. Young Municipal Center, Two Woodward Avenue, Room 1711, Detroit, MI  48226.

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