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Search for Individuals Incarcerated in the jail and/or on tether release. Tether participants are identified as being in Facility 6.

Clinic Services

Jail Division I and III onsite clinics both provide treatment services, which include a nursing triage, physician treatments, evaluations for specialty consultations, laboratory services and x-ray.  Medication administration is completed twice daily as prescribed by physician orders.

Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC)

Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) services include medical and mental health evaluations for all inmates determined to have health problems at the time of the "Receiving Screening".  Additionally, health promotion and infectious disease testing is also provided including 14-day well physical exams for inmates with no apparent health concerns.


Jail Health Services (JHS) completes a comprehensive medical and mental health "Receiving Screening" as a part of the booking process.  This is done for all inmates at the time of booking into the facility.  Inmates with medical or mental health problems identified by the screening are referred for an evaluation and connection to treatment services.

Master Painter Seminar

Tether clients participate in this one-day hands on seminar that is sponsored by Modern Masters and Rust-Oleum Sales Company, Inc.  Faux Painting techniques and Fire Restoration are taught to release inmates to increase the skills they have to offer to the community.  Entrepreneurial and marketing skills are discussed to increase their customer service and sales.  Each tether client leaves with samples to complete a portfolio of his work.