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The Wayne County Jail Commissary is an enterprise fund of the County operated in all three Wayne County Jails.  The Commissary was established by County Ordinance and is overseen by a three member board comprised of a member of the Wayne County Commission, a designee from the Sheriff's Office and a designee from the County Executive.  The Commissary serves the inmates by selling items to them including: snack foods, hygiene products, clothing, and pay phone time.  The Commissary serves the inmates five days a week and all profits from the operation are used to fund programs for the inmates.

Deposits for inmate's Commissary accounts may be made by money order up to a $100 maximum and may be mailed to or dropped off at any Jail location.  Deposits may also be made through Western Union.  The Western Union Code, City and State are Baird, Michigan.  Contact Information: 313-875-9161 Phone; 313-875-9635 Fax.