Wayne County Expungement Fair
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Pre-registration for this event is now closed. However, pre-registration is not required to attend the Expungement Fair on July 23, 2022 from 10AM – 3PM at Fellowship Chapel. The address is 7707 West Outer Dr., Detroit, MI 48235. Please do not contact Fellowship Chapel. You may reach out directly to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office by emailing info@sheriffconnect.com with any questions.

Wayne County County Expungement Questionnaire

This form is for individuals seeking to expunge misdemeanor and/or felony convictions in Wayne County (Michigan) ONLY. If you were previously convicted in Wayne County of an eligible misdemeanor and/or felony conviction and would like to expunge this charge from your public criminal record, please complete the questionnaire to determine your eligibility for participation at the Expungement Fair on July 23, 2022.

Attendance at the Expungement Fair is REQUIRED for eligible participants to take advantage of this event.

The following list of felony offenses ARE NOT eligible for expungement under the law:

  • All offenses punishable by life imprisonment
  • Assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct
  • Child sexually abusive material or activity offenses
  • Felony domestic violence if the person has a previous misdemeanor
    conviction for domestic violence
  • Fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct (committed after January 12, 2015)
  • Human-trafficking related offenses
  • Second-degree child abuse
  • Second-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Some traffic offenses such as: convictions for driving while intoxicated, traffic
    offenses that cause injury or death, and commercial driver’s license violations
  • Terrorism-related offenses – includes convictions for attempts to commit any
    of these offenses
  • Third-degree criminal sexual conduct
  • Using a computer to commit sex crimes offenses
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