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Fall 2022 Edition

Message From Sheriff Washington

I would first like to extend a warm thank you to all of you for being such dedicated members of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and of Wayne County. We all know it takes a team to be successful. The contributions of each and every one of you to the success of both organizations has not gone unnoticed.

As the holiday season approaches, I would like to remind everyone to remain extra vigilant. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has seen phone scammers taking advantage of our most vulnerable citizens during the Covid-19 pandemic, and more victims continue to come forward. The perpetrator uses names of real members of our office and tells the victim they missed jury duty or that they (or a loved one) have an outstanding warrant. They then ask for money, often, in the form of cryptocurrency, but have also asked for debit card numbers and have used Apple Pay.

Do not verify or give out personal information. Never give money over the phone to someone you don’t know, and never agree to meet anyone. Please remember, an Officer will never threaten to arrest you for not attending jury duty. Contact the police if the caller keeps harassing you. Hang up and block the number. We have seen some of our seniors falling victim to this scam, so I encourage all of us with elderly loved ones in our lives to please check in and talk with them as often as possible. Click here for more information on common scams that target our seniors and elderly.

If you believe you or a loved one may have been a victim of one of these scams, please report it. You can call our dispatch at 313-224-0414 or report it here.

Thank you all for your service and be safe out there!

Raphael “Ray” Washington
Wayne County Sheriff

Mission Statement

The responsibility of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain the highest standard of integrity and professional excellence and to protect the lives and property of Wayne County citizens while objectively enforcing local and state laws.  It is our duty to serve our community and provide a secure, safe, and humane environment for inmates remanded to our jails.  It is our mission to provide our staff and the public fair and equal treatment and protection, and to strengthen the public’s trust through continued transparency and accountability.

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Linda Jarrell – Clerical Specialist
Nicholas Tsouris – Painter
Pamela Jackson – Walters-Service Worker
Antisha Brown – Senior Personnel Officer
Ronald Johnson – Department Executive


Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans announced that the Wayne County Health Department will begin administering Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 Bivalent vaccine booster shots. Bivalent boosters and all COVID-19 vaccines are available at no cost to eligible residents at all Wayne County-sponsored vaccine sites.

Please visit https://www.waynecounty.com/covid19/ for the most up-to-date list of hours and locations for Wayne County Health Department COVID-19 vaccination sites. Each site offers vaccinations and boosters for individuals 6 months and older, at no-cost. Walk-ins are welcome. For more information, including scheduling in-home vaccinations for homebound residents, please call 1-866-610-3885.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is Hiring

There is no higher calling than to work as a professional deputy with the mission of protecting the lives and property of everyday citizens. It takes a special individual to accept the challenge and responsibility of working as a sheriff’s deputy.

“The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is looking for motivated men and women who want to serve and protect their community. The Sheriff’s Office offers a wide range of law enforcement and correctional positions, as well as great career and training opportunities.”

Sheriff Raphael Washington


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Who would you like to see featured in our Employee Showcase? Do you know someone at the WCSO who has an interesting hidden talent, shows exceptional dedication, or simply makes your work day better? Please email your nominations to rwhitehead@waynecounty.com!

Michelle Boehmer - Director of Classification

Interview with Erika Erickson

Meet Michelle Boehmer

How did you get into this profession?

When Dir. Boehmer was in college obtaining her teaching degree, she said her best friend was also going into law enforcement. “We took each other’s elective classes, and between the law enforcement classes and engaging with several Sheriff’s Officers and Command from the Apprehension Unit at my current employment, I decided to start with the Sheriff’s Office until I completed my teaching degree,” said Dir. Boehmer. “I was so in love with the profession I made a career out of it and I have loved it ever since. My energy, along with my commitment to protecting and serving, I knew God orchestrated the right path to fulfil my calling.”

Dir. Boehmer has worked in multiple positions at the WCSO. She started her career in floor security and then moved to Classification. She put herself through the Police Academy and worked in different areas like Narcotics/Special Operations/Morality. She even worked undercover as a decoy in vice-related crimes. “I loved it. We got pedophiles off the street. That was always a good feeling. Dir. Boehmer then decided she wanted to further her education and moved back to Floor Security, Transport and Classification. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Madonna University. Dir. Erickson: “No wonder you know how to do it all!”

What is a typical day like for you?

Dir. Boehmer oversees the Classification Unit. “Classification is the analytical essential for jail security by assessment of behavior management, separation of predatory and vulnerable detainees, proper custody level and special needs assessment, protection of constitutional rights, timeliness of release and since the pandemic, increased management of court and attorney correspondence,” Dir. Boehmer said. “The team assigns detainees to proper housing according to classification custody level, demographical information, keep separates, protective custody, mental health concerns, medical concerns, program needs, security threat groups and other criteria determining housing location. At the end of our day, this team can be proud of the fact that with due diligence of Classification, we have increased the safety of our jail environment; thus, the community.”

Who has been a role model in your life? Why?

“I come from a very loving, compassionate, and hardworking family. My parents (Mike and Denise) both maintained careers and always take care of my siblings and I,” Dir. Boehmer said. “Working a full-time job, my mom always made sure we had a homecooked meal every night (outside of our infrequent pizza nights and some bake goods that feed so many people).  My dad’s reenactments in the role of a Sheriff when we lived in Colorado also influenced my choice to join the Sheriff’s Office.” Dir. Boehmer said she always wanted to “wear the same star he did.” She said her parents taught her respect, honor, and love, all enforced with discipline and kindness.

Tell us more about your family.

Dir. Boehmer moved back to Michigan from Colorado during her high school years. She lived up north and did her last few years of high school in Dearborn Heights. She has a brother and a sister who both live close by today. Dir. Boehmer also has a 10-year-old daughter. “She’s my favorite part of the whole wide world! She’s such a good kid, a good athlete, a good soccer player,” she said. “She’s the sweetest person. She has had parents from other teams, coaches and refs come over and compliment her sportsmanship. Not only is she fast and good, but she is kind to the other team, she’s respectful when she plays. She’s also an includer. She will see someone isn’t getting played with and she’ll go over to them and… make sure they’re not by themselves. She’s truly my best friend.”

What has been one of your proudest moments at the Sheriff’s Office?

“I have really loved my career at the Sheriff’s Office. When I worked in plain clothes and got the bad guys – the pedophiles – off the street… and would see the girls (women who were trafficked and provided sexual acts for monetary value) graduate from the [Fresh Start] program and get their lives back. They’d be drug-free, they’d have real jobs. If you ever listened to the stories from some of the girls, it was devastating,” said Dir. Boehmer. “They were kids who used to sit and color, just like we did – and they had hopes, and dreams and happiness and innocence. As children we are so willing to please everybody, and I think people forget the human part of what put them in that position in the first place.” Dir. Boehmer said those women helped them capture and imprison two pedophiles. “Even the women didn’t want the kids to have the life that they had and I think that connection with them kept me so humble and empathetic toward people who’ve had different challenges in their lives. Being able to connect with them in that way may have even been a prouder moment than getting those pedophiles off the street.”

What food do you wish had zero calories?

“Salmon… But that’s not a bad choice! I’m a salmon and steak person. I like taco Tuesday! I like sushi, too!”


“Family time is my number one favorite things.” Dir. Boehmer also has a few large groups of friends. “I enjoy my friendships and I’m a foodie. And I love traveling!” She will often go on last-minute trips, too!


“My Daughter has a chameleon named Sprout… And then she got a fish – she won it at the fair. Then, she took her own, hard-earned money and bought a little fish tank… now I’ve ended up with a big fish tank and we’re up to three fish.”

Tell me something that would surprise me about you.

“I’m actually kind of handy! I tiled my own floor… I can cook. I can make things from scratch. I don’t even use recipes,” said Dir. Boehmer. She also seems to have a knack for interior design. “I actually designed my new house… the layout.” You should see pictures of the way she decorated it!

Messy or organized?

“Oh, OCD organized. I don’t know why, my cars are a hot mess, but my house – at any given time, someone can come in and it’s… seriously clean. People used to come to my house, Erika, and move a can because they thought it was funny. I would notice it right away. All my labels are faced the same way! I’m pretty bad…”

Staying up late or waking up early?

“I’m both! I know it sounds funny, but I can wake up early and get things done and have a super productive day, but I can also stay up late because I’m enjoying life!”

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

JUNK FOOD! “I’m a high calorie person! It’s terrible!” Dir. Erickson: “OK… what are your go-to foods?” Dir. Boehmer: “I would say chocolate. Chocolate cake… plain, dark chocolate, chocolate covered nuts…. Ooh and coconut. I love dark chocolate!”

What advice would you give new recruits?

“Never lose your compassion for people. In this career you will never unsee some horrific crimes that you could never imagine committing or being a victim of. Be professional anyway,” said Dir. Boehmer. “You may not be able to positively change the mindset and energy of all but do your part to influence those to honor the badge and work with pride in doing the right thing. You will have people treat you with disrespect and hate but continue to love anyways. You’re supposed to be that way in life. Period. God will judge you the way you judge others!

What are three things on your bucket list right now?

“I want to travel,” said Dir. Boehmer. “Hawaii, Egypt, and… Pictured Rocks. Also, the Grand Canyon. Alaska! That’s another one. What I would also really like to do is a European cruise.”

What is the most important thing you’ve learned in the last five years?

“Be kinder to yourself,” she said. “I feel like we’re so hard on ourselves. I am more forgiving of somebody else than I am to myself.” Another big lesson Dir. Boehmer said she has learned is that you’re not everybody’s cup of tea and it’s OK! “People are always going to find reasons not to like you. It’s none of your business why somebody doesn’t like you and it took me a long time to get there,” she said.

Captain Theodis Sims – Special Operations

Interview with Erika Erickson

Meet Captain Theodis Sims

What is a typical day like for you?

“Special Operations typically means most, if not all the units outside of the jail setting (like Secondary Roads, the Narcotics Unit, the Mounted Unit, the Park Unit…). I pretty much oversee the fresh air jobs,” said Capt. Sims. Dir. Erickson: “A normal person would ask: how do you manage to oversee all these units?” Capt. Sims: “I’m going to tell it to you like this: Constant communication with my Sergeants. Bottom line is your Sergeants are your most important line of supervision because they’re making sure the work is getting done, you’re just overseeing them. Great communication makes the job much easier. With the right people under you, it can be easy. And I firmly believe in treating my people right – with the respect you would want.”

How did you get into this profession?

“My career started here in July of 1994. I can honestly say as a young man I was looking for a job and I found a career,” said Capt. Sims. “I’ve always been a people person, so it was almost like heaven-sent to get this position.” He started at Jail Division III. “With my Christian roots it made it that much easier, too… helping people without crossing a line. You’d be amazed by how many young men and women have been treated like crap their whole lives! Many inmates have had a terrible upbringing and ended up in our custody. That’s one thing about working in jail… People don’t need to be reminded they’re in jail. People just need to be treated with a little dignity and a little respect.”

Did you find it difficult to stay positive working in that environment?

“I’m a naturally positive person. I believe that negativity breeds negativity and positivity breeds positivity,” said Capt. Sims. “One thing you learn is you have to protect your peace… and you have to try to stay away from the negative. A lot of people have wants, and desires they think they want, but a lot of times God puts you in a position for you to act… and a lot of times we don’t know what we want. We pray for things we think we want, and He gives them to us and it’s like, ‘wow, this isn’t what I wanted.’ So, when you’re in a situation, you should just embrace it.” Capt. Sims said in his current role he is constantly learning, and always working to look at things from others’ perspectives. “And I pride myself on being a good listener.”

Where did you grow up and what is your family like?

“I’m a product of the Detroit Public School System – I graduated from Cody High School,” said Capt. Sims. “I did start out taking college classes, however, I dropped out of college. It just wasn’t for me. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, and I’m the kind of person where if I find something I like, I really latch onto it. I believe in just giving your 110%. I took a liking to law enforcement because you can control your own destiny. I had a military father and grew up in a very respectful atmosphere – it was very ‘yes, sir, no, sir.’ Very structured.” Capt. Sims has a large family (5 brothers and 4 sisters). Capt. Sims has a wife, Shalo, and three children: Trevon, 31, Alexus, 26, and Shalyla, 22. “We just recently became empty nesters! It’s just me, my wife, and the dog… and I love it,” he said. “I absolutely love it! I think my wife gets sad, but I love it!”

Who has been a role model in your life? Why?

Capt. Sims said a devastating day for him was the day he lost his father (Theodis, Sr.). He was only 21 years old. “I lost my father on my very first day on the job after Jailers Training… literally before walking into the building, I got a phone call,” he said. “For years it was a struggle walking into work every day. I always went back to that phone call.” How did he get past that? “Continued faith in God and holding onto my father’s teachings. Living every day trying to please him. He taught me how to work hard and how to be a no-nonsense guy. Put the work in. We can all come up with an excuse as to why we cannot do something, but what about just doing it and making stuff happen?” Capt. Sims said his father taught him responsibility and instilled a hard work ethic in him, along with his mother, Dolores. “My mom is the sweetest, most supportive person you could ever come across,” he added. “She was a hard worker as well. To this day, she is 74 years old, and she will show up to anything and everything we have. That’s my mom – she’s there for everybody. I have a very strong support system. A very close family.”


“I LOVE traveling. Every chance I get, I’m out of here! I haven’t been on a cruise in a few years, but I really love cruises.” Capt. Sims loves traveling to different places at once. He likes to be able to get on and off a boat in a different spot each day. “I work hard, then I play hard!”

Tell me something that would surprise me about you.

“I used to enjoy softball. I was pretty good!” He seemed like he was being very humble. He played in 2-3 leagues (third base and shortstop). “I also love watching football. This is my time of year! He tends to watch more pro football than college football, but: “I’m not a Lion’s fan!” Uh oh… “I’m sorry, they broke my heart wayyyy too many times.” Capt. Sims admits that he still watches Lions games but is “just not a Lions fan.” He is also a huge Tom Brady fan. So, a typical Sunday for Capt. Sims in the Fall: “I get up, me and the dog, my little buddy, Sebastian, get up and go for a walk… have a light breakfast, then worship until about noon, then a lot of times I get my grill going. Last week I did salmon burgers, turkey burgers and pollock burgers. They were really, REALLY good!”

Messy or organized?

“I’m an organized mess!”

Staying up late or waking up early?

“I’m an early bird. A lot of times no matter how late I go to bed, I’m up early. My dad put that in me.”

What kind of music do you like?

“I love old school R&B. And some old school rap. This new rap? Can’t stand it. CAN’T STAND IT!”

What are three things on your bucket list right now?

Capt. Sims said he wants to TRAVEL: “I want to do an Alaskan cruise. I want to go to Rome and I want to go to Hawaii. I’ve never been.” Fun fact: Capt. Sims said if he were rich he would move to Las Vegas. Also, he’s pretty good at poker.

What is the WORST job you’ve ever had?

“My WORST job was a paper route. I HATED it! I just thought it was terrible… treating kids that way. You go to collect, and people would pay sometimes, but sometimes they wouldn’t and you had to pay the company first. As a kid they knew they owed you!” He was only 12. “I’ve been working a long time!”

What food do you wish had zero calories?

Without hesitation, Capt. Sims said, “pizza! I typically like small mom and pop shops… and I like all the meats along with green peppers.”

What advice would you give new recruits?

“Stick with it. Stay away from negativity, because this can be a very, very rewarding career,” said Capt. Sims. “You can’t control the negativity, but you can stay away from it.” Capt. Sims said to also remember that you’re coming in the door as a supervisor. “You have to supervise these grown inmates who have made whatever mistake they have made, but you’ve got to do this supervising with compassion. You’re not here to be their judge or their jury or remind them that they’re locked up. You need to do this job without judging. Also, jail will prepare you for working outside [of it]. Communication is 75-80% of the job because in the jail you’re taught to deescalate situations by talking. And when you master that craft, it makes coming outside of the jail so much easier.”

What has been one of your proudest moments at the Sheriff’s Office?

“When I was working Narcotics. We had a drug bust and we raided a house, and we recovered over $600,000, and it didn’t even cross my mind to take one cent,” said Capt. Sims. It was about 12 years ago in Romulus: “I’d never seen that much money in my life! We were finding it everywhere… any place a drug kingpin could hide money, it was there… under dirty clothes, in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil like it was a steak. Money was EVERYWHERE. And never once did it cross my mind, ‘they won’t miss this little bit.’ To me that’s like a true test.”

LaKeisha Solomon - Personnel and Payroll Administrator

Interview with Erika Erickson

Meet Lakeisha Solomon

How did you get into this profession?

LaKeisha Solomon was hired in March of 1997 in an entry-level position (a typist) in purchasing. She then began her administrative work at the Sheriff’s Office in 1998. In the early 2000s she started working as an administrative assistant at the WCSO headquarters. In 2009, she assisted former Undersheriff Daniel Pfannes. She began supervising personnel after someone saw excellent leadership qualities in her around 2015. “Honestly, it was NOT a position that I wanted. I didn’t want to manage anybody but me,” Solomon said. “But it was a great experience!” Solomon was still assisting Pfannes, however. “This is our joke – me and Undersheriff Pfannes divorced each other in maybe 2018 or 2019… it became overwhelming for me to maintain everything. I shifted outside of his office and into my own space. Now, we’re really just trying to make personnel better – digitizing… but we still have a long, long way to go. But, when my time here is up, I want to say that I participated in something monumental for this department.”

What is a typical day like for you?

“Essentially, I oversee the day-to-day operations (the more personnel side right now) and that involves quite a bit, because we do quite a bit in Sheriff’s personnel,” Solomon said. “We take part in the hiring process of our law enforcement staff, along with our central HR staff, so there’s a lot of back-and-forth with the staff downtown. We manage the civilian process of hiring, but the law enforcement hiring is obviously a lot more extensive… a lot of background investigations. It’s a very thorough process. We process our hiring, our evaluations, our terminations, and FMLA is a huge deal right now since Covid. We do job postings… changes of employment and employee updates for every employee in the agency.” A major project right for Solomon and her staff right now: a new payroll and personnel system for the whole county. She is also helping the jail transition team with inventory and document management.

What do you love about your job?

“I love working with people, I love helping people, I love thinking positively and making positive changes,” said Solomon. “I just feel like if you are not making a difference in what you are doing it’s null and void. I know I can ruffle feathers sometimes, however, my goal is always to find a way to take a department to another level.”

What are three words that best describe you?

“I am an extreme multitasker! It’s almost CRAZY! Another one would be that I’m very passionate about everything I do… and I’m a POSITIVE person,” said Solomon. “Life has lately been showing me that you’ve got to keep moving, no matter what happens. You have to keep going. You cannot give up!

Tell us more about your family.

Although Solomon lost both of her parents, she has one brother and one sister. She grew up on the east side of Detroit. She has two children (a daughter, India, 30, and a son, Raymond, 22, who just moved back to Michigan from California). “My oldest daughter has three kids, so I have grandkids! I love spending time with my kids and grandkids and doing family things,” said Solomon. She added that her 10-year-old granddaughter is her “mini me.” She also has two grandsons who are 3 years old and 8 years old.

What is the most challenging part about your current role?

“Managing people. I’m just going to be frank with you,” said Solomon. “You have to be gifted to do it. Some people, they just can’t wait to tell somebody else what to do, it’s such a challenge. The challenge is you have to meet people where they are. Everybody is different and you have to accept them. You have to train people and sometimes come down hard and bring the discipline. If you handle people harshly it’s just going to be a negative effect. Period. There’s a separation of a manager not being friends, but being a friendly manager, but stern… and also having compassion. For me, having a manager with those qualities was everything, so I try to ensure that that is how I operate on a daily basis.”

How did you get into this profession?

“I was always into computers and typing. I was the President of our Business Professionals of America Club,” Solomon said with a laugh. She also did co-op programs. “Coming out of school and going directly into that area was fitting for me… Co-op was a great program to structure kids – how to get a job, how to dress for a job, the professionalism that’s involved. I guess that’s just the way the universe works! I went straight into something I love doing!”

Tell me something that would surprise me about you.

“I own a women’s clothing boutique that used to be located right over here in Midtown on Forest,” Solomon said. “That has shifted online for me. I sell women’s clothing, jewelry, handbags, evening wear… they go from sizes small to 3x. The name of the store is Elite Couture Boutique (ShopEliteCoutureBoutique.com). We’re classy and conservative. The goal was to be set apart. I do think with boutiques you have to have things that are rare, so… I never buy a lot of any ONE item, and I never repeat it.” Solomon said she hopes to reopen in Midtown.

“I also don’t think people don’t know how silly I am! Most people think I am so, so serious! I am, but I am REALLY FUNNY!” (She is!)


“Traveling and shopping. Honestly, shopping is a relaxation thing for me,” Solomon said. “I don’t always need to buy something, although most of the time I do. But it’s a therapy for me. Solomon says spending time with her family is #1, and spending time with her best girlfriends is everything. “The bond with them is extremely strong! We have a sisterhood. I think it’s important to have strong friendships. It keeps us sane – not just friends, but really good girlfriends who can support each other while you’re going through challenges or simply having a good time! I have a best friend – a girlfriend, who we refer to one another as a ‘gister,’ a girlfriend-sister.” They have their own special dance that they do and make silly videos together. “I swear it’s like we’ve known each other all of our lives,” Solomon said.

Messy or organized?

“HAHAHA. OHHH… to be honest I am not the most organized person – I don’t want to call myself messy, but I am not the most organized person! I’m working on that! Part of my problem is I need to organize things around me, but really, I need to be more aggressive with writing things down,” Solomon said. “I keep so much stuff in my brain that it’s on OVERLOAD. I’m literally learning to put things on paper. I will have my entire to-do list in my brain, and when you do that, you’re going to forget stuff! I’m not going to say messy, though, because I’m not putting that into the universe! I’m learning to be more organized!”

Staying up late or waking up early?

“Oh my God, I stay up late AND I wake up early. I don’t get much sleep at all! How crazy is that? Sometimes I don’t even know how I’m functioning,” said Solomon. Dir. Erickson: “I’m assuming coffee is your best friend?” Solomon: “I’m not a coffee girl! I love tea! I love ginger tea, I love green tea, and I mix teas together…” (Solomon was drinking a fancy tea while we were talking: The Medicine Ball tea from Starbucks (she said it is a peace tranquility tea mixed with a jade citrus mint tea, green tea, and infused lemon… and Solomon gets three pumps of honey. “That’s all I need!”)

Who is your celebrity crush?

“Larenz Tate. I don’t think it’s a crush though… we’re in a relationship, OK!? He just doesn’t know. Our birthday is on the SAME DAY. We’re both Virgos. September 8th.”

What is a guilty pleasure of yours?

“Food, because I don’t really eat junk food. At least twice a month… it’s potato chips and chip dip,” said Solomon. “I love Heluva chip dip. Oh my goodness. That is something I don’t do often… but that’s my thing. And I really love champagne… a really good champagne. Oh, and shopping. It’s bad. My granddaughter said, ‘your closets are like a store!’ She said, ‘I don’t think you should buy anything else because you don’t have any more hangers!’”

What advice would you give to anyone looking to join the WCSO?

“Be very optimistic. The main question I get is, ‘is there room for advancement?’ The answer to that question is ‘yes,’” Solomon said. “Be patient and optimistic. You can go wherever you want to go in Wayne County, but you have to be very patient and open to learning. You have got to learn on the level you are on before you can ever go to another level. I think most of us want to get to where we want to go really, really fast, but it’s about taking your time and learning what you need to learn.” Solomon also stressed the need to develop positive relationships. “You can almost get anywhere and do anything if you have the right relationships, which goes back to what I was saying about how you treat people. People always remember how you treated them. So, when you have a good relationship with people, they will go out of their way for you. Be kind to people because everybody is battling something. You don’t always know what people are dealing with… give some sunshine where you can. The universe will deliver to you what you put out there!”

What are three things on your bucket list right now?

“This year I decided… I want to start doing things I’ve never done before,” Solomon said. “I’ve been living in a really comfortable state of doing things a certain kind of way. One thing is I want to take a flight all by myself. I’ve never traveled alone. I want to fly somewhere… to overcome my fear of flying. I definitely want to travel to Africa. And getting my store back open is major goal of mine… along with opening up a second location.” Solomon hopes for that to be her retirement plan.




Source: Alliance health

As the leaves and the temperatures change this fall, so should your health routine. While summertime wellness includes fresh fruits, dips in the pool, and plenty of sunshine, caring for yourself in the autumn looks a bit different. Cold and flu season, shorter days, and seasonal sweets can all be obstacles to feeling your best.

Fortunately, you can fall into better habits with some simple changes to your daily wellness rituals. These simple healthy living tips will help you stay well all season long, so you can enjoy this cozy time of year.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet
    Healthy eating is key to your overall health, no matter the season. Filling your plate with plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats ensures your body receives the nutrients it needs. Seasonal veggies like broccoli, cabbage, squash, spinach, and of course, pumpkin are full of vitamins and offer a number of health benefits. Incorporate these whole foods into soups, stews, and other warm dishes to stay cozy this season. Healthy snacks can also keep you fueled throughout the day.
  2. Take a Vitamin D Supplement
    Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, controls your blood sugar, and even boosts immunity. Your body may have a healthier supply of this nutrient in the summer, since the sun is a key source of vitamin D. However, short and cloudy days can diminish these levels. While loading up on vitamin D-rich foods like fish can help, you might want to talk to your doctor about adding a vitamin D supplement. A supplement can give you the daily boost you need and may prevent a deficiency.
  3. Get a Flu Shot
    Flu season tends to ramp up in October, so now is the time to get your flu shot. This vaccination can protect you from certain strains of influenza, while also protecting vulnerable individuals around you. Flu shots are often free or low cost, depending on your location and health insurance plan. Check your local pharmacies and public health clinics for flu shot offerings, and be sure to talk to your primary care physician if you have any questions.
  4. Wash Your Hands
    While a flu shot is one key step toward protecting yourself, washing your hands is another. Keeping your hands clean throughout the day can keep cold and flu viruses away. If you have children, be sure to help them incorporate hand washing in their daily life. This hygiene step is extra important as the Covid-19 pandemic continues.
  5. Drink Plenty of Water
    As the temperature drops, it can be easy to forget to hydrate. However, this healthy habit is just as important in the fall as it is in summer. The Institute of Medicine recommends 12 cups of water for men and nine for women. You’ll want to increase your intake when exercising, as your body loses hydration when you sweat. Keeping a water bottle on hand throughout the day can help you remember to take sips. Warm beverages like green tea are a comforting way to add extra hydration as well.
  6. Find a Therapist You Trust
    Autumn is a great time to slow down and check in on your mental health. If you’re susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder or experience stress during the holidays, consider looking for a therapist early in the season. Talking to a mental health professional regularly can help you feel your best this season. Be sure to check whether your health insurance plan covers mental health services.
  7. Prioritize Dental Health
    Dental health is part of an overall healthy lifestyle. Halloween candy and Thanksgiving pie are some of the joys of autumn. However, these sugary sweets can lead to dental cavities. Be sure to brush and floss daily to keep your pearly whites healthy this season. You should also schedule routine cleanings with your dentist as part of your preventative dental care.
  8. Catch Enough Zs
    Getting enough sleep is key to a strong immune system, positive mood, and healthy heart. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep per night whenever possible. If you’re having trouble catching enough z’s, consider developing a healthy evening routine. Turn off your devices, log out of social media, and find activities to unwind. Reading a book, taking a warm bath, and listening to music can all help with relaxation before bed.
  9. Get Moving
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, physical activity plays a key role in lowering your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even some cancers. Regular exercise can also help with weight loss or management, as well as overall well-being. While it can be tempting to stay cozy on the couch all season, exercise is essential to fall wellness. Take your dog for a walk, hike with a friend, or take a cruise on your bike to get your heart pumping through cardio this season. Light strength training, yoga, pilates, and online workouts are all great ways to exercise indoors.
  10. Care for Your Skin
    Fall skin care should look a little different from your summer routine. As the air gets drier and you turn on the heat indoors, consider switching to a rich moisturizer to keep your skin smooth. However, you’ll want to continue wearing sunscreen as the season changes. The sun’s UV rays can still increase your skin cancer risk in the fall, so be sure to layer on the SPF before you head outdoors.
  11. Schedule Your Checkups
    Wellness screenings are central to healthy living, but summer’s busy schedule may have put your preventative care appointments on the back burner. Now that life is slowing down, it’s time to schedule your checkups. These appointments are an opportunity to talk to your doctors about any health concerns you may have before heading into the fall and winter.

Source: ET online

10. Practical Magic
Halloween movies can also be rom-coms. This 1998 autumnal fantasy flick stars Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock as witchy sisters. Kidman’s character, Gilly, desperately wants to fall in love while Bullock’s character, Sally, is actively trying to avoid it. However, things change for the two women when Gilly’s boyfriend disappears.

9. Death Becomes Her
Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn become the undead and receive the makeover of their lives from Isabella Rossellini in this 1992 dark comedy. Why should you watch? This zombie-fied movie is as fabulous as it is freaky.

8.The Craft
Three teen witches are seeking a fourth for their coven and find one when a new girl transfers to their school in this 1996 fantasy movie. Stars Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk, Neve Campbell and Rachel True rock witchy-empowerment, copy-able costumes and major Halloween vibes.

7. The Witches of Eastwick
Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer star in this 1987 fantasy movie about three women and how they change when the devil (Jack Nicholson) comes to town. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Halloween movie more glamorous to watch during the month of October.

6. The Exorcist
This 1973 horror classic was the first of its kind for its frightening special effects. After you watch this movie, you’ll realize how many times it has been copied by every other horror/thriller film out there.

5. Scream
There are four (soon to be five) Scream movies, but nothing beats the original. The 1996 Wes Craven flick has an all-star cast featuring David Arquette, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan, Skeet Ulrich and Drew Barrymore. In this slasher comedy, Campbell’s character is the target of the “Ghostface” killer and the unknown murderer will kill everyone in the town of Woodsboro, California, to get to her. Yes, it’s dated, but it’s also intensely fun and frightening.

4. It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Not all Halloween movies have to be scary. This 1996 movie will put you in the Halloween spirit, while also keeping you at ease. Join Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang as they wait for the “Great Pumpkin” and have a party.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas
“What’s this? What’s this?” It’s another Tim Burton movie! While this one has a Christmas-filled plot and therefore can double as a Christmas movie in a pinch, this 1993 stop-motion animation film is arguably about the Halloween-ification of the December holiday — so it’s a Halloween movie. Plus, it’s full of more skeletons, ghost dogs, singing tombstones and creepy crawly Halloween creatures than any other movie, and a seasonal-sounding soundtrack.

2. Hocus Pocus
In 1993, the world was graced with this Disney masterpiece. This near-perfect Halloween movie stars Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as Salem witches who were hanged and then brought back to life and into modern times, thanks to a spell they cast and one mischievous teenager. From Midler’s “I Put a Spell on You” musical number to the tween-dreamy Thackery Binx and Max Dennison, almost nothing can top this Halloween movie except…

1. Halloween
This 1978 slasher flick is named for the holiday it’s about. It also stars the scream queen herself, Jamie Lee Curtis. The movie follows Curtis and her friends, who are all without their parents on Halloween night. If you’ve ever been home alone and heard a bump in the dark or thought you saw something move behind a curtain, this movie plays like a waking nightmare. It gets the No. 1 spot because of its time and place (Halloween, duh), features an iconic monster (Michael Myers, anyone?) and set the precedent for hair-raising, scream-worthy moments.

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