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Immediate Placement Following Jailer's Training Course. Apply Now

Wayne County (March 12, 2021) – Wayne County Sheriff Raphael Washington is looking for 200men and women to fill corrections officer vacancies at the three jails. The vacancies—resulting from retirements or other turnover—critically affect staffing levels in the facilities. In an effort to get folks hired fast, the Sheriff is spreading the word that we need those seeking employment to contact the agency so that their application may head to the top of the list

“While the staffing shortage we’re facing is not new, the need to hire qualified individuals couldn’t be more urgent,” says Sheriff Washington. “These career-focused jobs are available now with plenty of opportunities for overtime in this time of economic downturn.”


While the majority of new hires start out as corrections officers in the jails, there are opportunities to advance over time to other law enforcement units in the agency. Individuals 18 years of age or older who are interested in applying can log on to to get all the details.

Said Sheriff Washington “this is a great opportunity for anyone seeking employment particularly our veterans, those interested in a career in criminal justice or those transitioning into a new career path. Our agency is extremely diverse reflecting the 43 communities we serve. We can get you started as soon as possible but you need to apply today!”

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