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Wayne County Sheriff's Office


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office was thrilled to break ground on a $1.4M project that has been over 10 years in the making! This massive project could not have been possible without the assistance of Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans and his team, the Wayne County Board of Commissioners, and the Department of Public Services. The revitalization efforts that will soon be underway at the WCSO’s Marine Division at Elizabeth Park in Trenton will provide a much safer environment for the officers and public. It will also allow for a quicker response for the marine unit! THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED!

The WCSO has the only marine base stationed directly on the river in the downriver area. This allows us to lend boat space to other agencies for joint operations and for safer and quicker deployment for employees. It also offers a safer environment for the general public.

This Project includes construction of park improvements, including site grading, seawall, a custom guardrail, a pile supported concrete platform and walkway, floating dock, landscaping, electrical service, electrical rack and power pedestals, and site improvements.

Please see the attached photos to better understand the current situation of the docks. The original wood seawall has rotted away and water has washed away the soil. We will be raising the ground to compensate for high water in the future, along with replacing the seawall and adding floating finger docks to adjust for high and low water. We will also be adding power pedestals for the boats. We are hoping to have this project completed by the end of this year. The County of Wayne is in the process of reviewing bids for the purchase (furnish), delivery and installation of a modular office (trailer) building and new parking lot at Elizabeth Park.

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