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Wayne County Sheriff's Office


The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office purchased 11 G5 Fully Automatic AEDs manufactured by ZOLL Medical to carry in our patrol vehicles. Each AED will come with ZOLL’s Mobilize Rescue Compact kit, which also includes a tourniquet, chest seal, pressure dressing, quick clot and mobile phone app to help provide real-time help in guiding the deputy through CPR and other types of medical emergencies, such as severe bleeding.

“Our deputies are out on patrol 24/7, and often, first on scene. This was an opportunity to shorten the gap from when a sudden cardiac arrest victim hits the ground to when a life-saving AED could be attached while we wait for our hardworking medical professionals to arrive,” said Sheriff Raphael Washington. “Our role is to protect and serve, and we thought it was important to protect our citizens against the biggest killer, knowing we will likely be there first. We’ve purchased AEDs for some of our patrol vehicles so that we can try to save lives, or at the very least, give our citizens a fighting chance. We hope to purchase even more.”


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