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Winter 2023 Edition

Message From Sheriff Washington

Hello and Happy New Year! It was an exciting journey through 2022 and I’m glad you were there with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office through it all. We hit some significant milestones and fell just short on some others. Overall, we achieved the mission of WCSO! Our Deputy Sheriffs tagged vehicles,

From the Community Engagement standpoint, I could not be happier with our partnerships than to have handed out blankets to the homeless, to have held the Easter Egg Hunt with Grandmont Rosedale, our Annual Benny N. Napoleon Memorial Golf Classic, supporting youth & seniors, to have partnered with Goodfellows, as well as the Lava Grille in Northville for our “No Child without a Christmas” efforts. Our Turkey Giveaway with CNS Healthcare, our Santa on Patrol and the $3,000 in gift cards given away thanks to Kroger, along with the $55,000 in gift cards, serving more than 65 families in partnership with Meijer’s, were exceptional events that I look forward to each year!

We realize the importance of our jobs in the jails, on road patrol, our mounted & marine units, courts, K-9, and recruiting. We are constantly looking for men and women interested in joining our team to continue the fine work that we do.

To have completed nearly 500 Reserve Division assignments is just an unbelievable accomplishment and included our presence at the Gibraltar Fireworks, the Northville Parade, Inkster’s Summerfest, Plymouth’s “Art in the Park”, Taylor’s Cruise, and the Arab & Chaldean Fest at Hart Plaza in Detroit, to name a few. When we think of all that happened last year, we continue to applaud our Deputy Sheriffs and Reserves. Alongside other law enforcement agencies, to ensure their safety, protecting and serving residents in our 43 cities and townships in Wayne County, is no easy task.

I truly look forward to a more exciting 2023 for our staff, our deputies, and our residents of Wayne County!

Ready to join our Team! We are looking to fill more than 100 positions and encourage you to visit our website to learn how you or someone that you think would be a good candidate can learn more. Visit our website, by clicking here: For more Information and to download our application! It will be the best step you’ve made all year.

Raphael “Ray” Washington
Wayne County Sheriff

Mission Statement

The responsibility of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is to maintain the highest standard of integrity and professional excellence and to protect the lives and property of Wayne County citizens while objectively enforcing local and state laws.  It is our duty to serve our community and provide a secure, safe, and humane environment for inmates remanded to our jails.  It is our mission to provide our staff and the public fair and equal treatment and protection, and to strengthen the public’s trust through continued transparency and accountability.

Wayne County Sheriff’s Office
4747 Woodward Avenue Detroit, MI 48201



Marcus Laster-Police Officer
Shantel Dyer-Police Sergeant
Ibrahim Chahine-Police Sergeant
Tynisha Kindrow-Police Sergeant
Lamar Nelson-Police Sergeant
Edward Regnier-Police Sergeant
Britton Foreman-Police Sergeant
Faye Jenkins-Police Sergeant
Kevin Christian-Police Sergeant


Martin Elton-Corporal


Brent Miner-Police Officer


Karen Kindrow-Corporal
Kenneth Cowan-Corporal
Theophilus Mixon Jr.-Corporal


Alonzo Mitchell-Corporal
Denie Marks-Police Sergeant
Matthew Gloster-Police Lieutenant
Paul Spaulding-Corporal


Zainalabidin Alsayad
Antonio Gibson
Jamonte Horton
Azariah Jefferson
Salah Kahwaji
Terina McIntosh
Nabil Saad
Jacob St. John
Richard Townsel
Jeffrey Wilder
Scott Wright
Markeisha Young


Edward Foxworth III-Director of Communications
Khadijah Mutakabbir-Clerical Specialist
Aaron Sieloff-Service Worker
Clarence Martin-Service Worker
Chukwuma Job-Accountant

New Year/New Career! WCSO is Hiring

With a mission of protecting the lives and property of Wayne County citizens, it takes a special individual to accept the challenge and responsibility of working as a sheriff’s deputy! Is that you or someone you know?

The Sheriff’s Office offers a wide range of law enforcement and correctional positions, as well as great career and training opportunities. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is looking for motivated men and women who want to serve and protect their community.

Sheriff Raphael Washington

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There were plenty of great opportunities throughout the year, for WCSO Deputy Sheriff’s, Staff, and Volunteers to connect with the community. As we look forward to an exciting 2023, these partnerships and community events are mutually beneficial and rewarding!















Who would you like to see featured in our Employee Showcase? Do you know someone at the WCSO who has an interesting hidden talent, shows exceptional dedication, or simply makes your work day better? Please email your nominations to efoxworth@waynecounty.com!


Interview by Edward Foxworth III

Meet James Davis

Committed to Public Service, Deputy Chief (Retired) James E. Davis continues to serve as a consultant to WCSO in addition to several other responsibilities! His ‘official’ title with WCSO these days? Appointee and Executive Director for Sheriff Raphael Washington. In this role, he manages areas of federal compliance including, Federal Grants Management and the Federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, (PREA) in the jails. Currently working on the Transition Team to the new 21st Century Jail in Detroit, he consults in areas of management, including Litigation, Labor Relations, and Police Discipline.


Not showing ‘any’ signs of slowing up, “I’ve worked for 4 Sheriff’s including Robert Ficano, Warren Evans, Benny Napoleon, and now Raphael Washington, and I would do it all over again if I could” says James Davis. “I’ve worked in just about every position in the Sheriff’s Office including the Jails and as the Training Director under then Sheriff Warren Evans. My most exciting accomplishment was how we were able to put about 300 people through Police Academy’s over a 5-year period by establishing a distance education platform. This part-time academy significantly helped to reduce the major over time issue we had by allowing deputies to attend the academy in the morning and then report to their shifts in the afternoon.”

“My Dad was a police officer, along with a cousin and nephew and I have enjoyed working my way through the ranks with Wayne County, including as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, and in various Executive Roles. I know how the agency works and currently advise Sheriff’s appointees, including Litigation, the Counsel to the Sheriff, and am happy to help the Grants Director.” Teaching criminal justice at Wayne State University, DC Davis has encouraged students that “they don’t know what they’re capable of” and to continuously work toward being their best.


“I know we face several challenges as an agency, but I’d like to see those with a voice with the media…to focus their attention on supporting public service. We see issues cycle and when they come back, I am equipped with knowledge of how we addressed it in the past. For the success of our 4th and final jail in my career, I’ve taken on the work to do our best to comply with the PREA rules, inevitably creating a safer environment in the jails.”


“Looking back after more than 3 decades, I would do it all over again! It’s just been a pleasure and an honor to have served the community in such an important way and it’s no less important today than it was 30 years ago. I would encourage anyone who is interested in police courts, corrections, or some other form of public service to really explore what’s possible and to reach out to those who have served, in order to best understand the rewards of a career in public service!”

“I’ve loved every minute of it!”




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